Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Newest Craft Project

Tuesday night, no homework, one roommate is in a meeting and the other is taking a test...what to do?? Obviously, I choose to do a craft project!! I made this cute fabric flower out of an old tiger stripe dress I found in a thrift store. Of course, I had to add a purple button and sew it to my bookbag!
Last summer I found a huge polyester orange and white tiger stripe dress. Despite my boyfriend's strange looks, I bought it. My mom and I converted the dress into a knee-length skirt, sash belt, fabric necklace, and headband. I've been looking for a use of the other scraps I had left...perfect!
I just think these fabric flowers are so cute and versatile! They could be made of any fabric, any color, and attached to almost anything (headbands, shirt, necklace, bracelet, bookbag, purse, etc.). Tell me your ideas!


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