Monday, January 14, 2013

January Pinterest Party

Each month I host a Pinterest Party at a local art gallery. It's a great night for people to get together, have fun, and learn to make a craft. I choose a project each month and bring all of the supplies needed. Because I haven't shared these projects before, here are my past Pinterest Party projects:

State Love String Art

Sunburst Mirror

Mason Jar Soap Pump

Silhouette Bird Art

Fall Wreath - each lady got to design their own

Fabric Covered Pumpkin

Give Thanks Blocks - This was my most popular craft.
I opened November to my Facebook fans to suggest a craft.
I chose Emily's suggestion, and they all turned out great!

Christmas Wreath - Each lady designed their own with materials provided.
I had two separate private parties for these wreaths.

I really enjoy choosing a craft each month and preparing for the classes. It's a great excuse for me to get to actually make all these great Pinterest finds!

I am really excited about this month's craft (mainly because I wanted one of these for myself). We will be deconstructing vintage Reader's Digest books to make "Secret Book Boxes".

Each person will be able to choose from these fun patterned books:

to create a book box:

For any local readers, ask me for the information or find it on my Facebook page!

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