Thursday, January 3, 2013

My New Year Resolution

So I've made a New Year Resolution. It's not your typical "eat better"  -  "work out more"  -  "appreciate friends and family"...

I really want to become a normal grown-up human being who fixes my hair everyday.

I'm not going to lie, I've been blessed with some pretty good hair days in my life. I LOVE those days when I wake up and think to myself "Whoa! Lookin' good, hair!".

I considered this a "good hair day".

But, even on those days when I wake up and just say plain "Whoa!", I find myself walking out the door anyway. Best case scenario - my hair goes up in a pony tail. Worst case? I pretend it looks normal.

Ideally, this would be my hair everyday:

but I have to be realistic. I know that I'm not going to straighten my perfectly everyday like the lady who cuts my hair, but I can do better than this:

Ignore the tiger - what is my hair?!
I've thought of a few things that will hopefully help me achieve my goal of being a normal person. I generally shower at night because I hate waking up any earlier than I have to. The plan is "Oh, I'll shower at like 9 giving my hair plenty of time to dry before going to bed". The reality is "Oh, it's 11:30. I was supposed to shower". And then I go to bed with soaking wet hair. Those are the days I wake up and I just look insane. So if I want to continue showering at night, I need to give my hair time to dry before going to bed, or I could join the 21st century and use my hair dryer for something other than craft projects. I think I need to learn how to braid my own hair, because that always looks cuter than a ponytail (for those inevitable days when I fail at taking an early shower). And I think I just always need to straighten the weird bumps I have at the top of my head.

Any tips for quick, cute hair styles? Do I need to just put on my big girl panties and wake up 20 minutes earlier every day? What are some of your New Year Resolutions?

Here's to making it until Lent!


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