Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life Drawings

I know I've mentioned my talented Dad before, but I finally set him up with an Etsy shop of his own! He's the one who encouraged me to start my site in the first place. He's currently selling life drawings of dancers and nudes.

Those are three of my faves. Pardon the butt. I was taught at a young age that nude = art, naked = no clothes, nekkid = no clothes and you're up to something.

Check out the rest of the drawings in my dad's shop and show him some love on his blog. Original art is truly an investment. Consider buying some original art for your home. All of his pieces are signed.


  1. he is talented! and hilarious...i'll have to remember that nekkid part...thanks for sharing!


    stuff and nonsense

  2. Beautiful stuff! I wish I could afford to get some right now (my walls could use some art). Best of luck to him with his shop! :D

  3. I love that first was in particular. Very beautiful. He is quite blessed with talent. Best to him in his shop.

    Those definitions are funny. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps