Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Finds Collage Cuffs

I've been busy collecting all my vintage finds and grouping them perfectly to make Collage Cuffs. I just love this idea.

I've wrapped aluminum cuff bracelets with linen fabric. Some of the bracelets include braided rosettes, vintage finds, and new pieces.

This "Sparkle" cuff bracelets features two mini-braided rosettes supporting a gold vintage framing pin. The rhinestone details are redesigned and given new life as they used to part of a vintage costume necklace.

This simple "Bow" cuff features a vintage gold chain wrapped around the bracelet. The large gold bow used to be a brooch.

This was the very first cuff I made. This "Gold Flower" cuff features large braided rosettes with several vintage pieces. The gold filigree flower pieces and the larger gold flower with pearl center were once brooches. The two accent pearls were a part of a larger costume necklace.

This "Pearl and Chain" cuff features linen and chain mail braided together. The large pendant was once on a very unique vintage charm necklace. The two accent pearls were a part of a costume necklace.

This "Pink" cuff is so feminine. Two large braided rosettes support an intricate vintage pin and pink rose earring. The small cameo is a new piece that adds a pop of color.

I'd love to get feedback on these new pieces. I'm hoping to add them to my Etsy shop soon, but they are for sale through my blog. Please contact me if you are interested (shipping will be added to final price).

I really enjoy making these and have plans for several more designs to come soon!


  1. I'm in love with these!!!!!!! They are so "grown up" looking.

  2. Bracey, These are just beautiful! I think you are on to a great idea here!! I bet these will sell like hotcakes!
    Kelly Stephens