Friday, January 21, 2011



I'm linking up for the Boost again! Welcome to any new readers. I really appreciate comments! If you like what you see, please follow and leave a link to your blog.

Today has been busy already! Last night I got cozy on the couch watching Jersey Shore (guilty pleasure) making fabric flowers! I got new fabric yesterday afternoon, so I could not wait to start sewing! These new flowers are adorable! I made new headbands and pins. I photographed the new items this morning and have already posted the new headbands. Pins to come. I can make custom or bulk orders of these items. Contact me for more information.

I am advertising on a blog now! Hanna at bouffe e bambini features some great hand made shops. Check out my ad on the right hand side. Her blog is great, so be sure to follow her and check out the other ads too! She will have a "Feature Post" for me soon, and I'm offering her readers a coupon code.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Seems like we have very similar taste in what we like to watch, must be a southern thing ;)

  2. These are awesome when my daughter gets home gonna stop by your ETSY shop!! Thanks for stopping by today your newest GFC follower ~Shari

  3. I just love the frayed edges.