Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!

Today’s Top 2 Tuesday topic is not my expertise.
Top 2 Healthy Recipes and Snack ideas!
 I must say that I am not the healthiest eater. I’ve gotten a lot better over the years, but I’m not sure my snacks can really be qualified as “healthy”. I decided to pick 2 of my most healthy favorite snacks…hope you health nuts approve. Maybe y’all can suggest some actual health options for me!

  1. Pretzels – I LOVE pretzels! Since they’re fat free and baked, I think they are a healthier alternative to potato chips.

  1. String Cheese – I buy the mozzarella made with skim milk, and it’s low on calories. Again, not sure if cheese if qualified as “healthy”. It’s important to get calcium though, right??

 I can’t wait to see your healthy snacks! Leave me a comment if you’re a new follower, so that I can check your blog out too!


  1. I would eat the pretzels and cheese together :) I love them both too!!!!

  2. I'm obsessed with string cheese. I cold eat it every day!

  3. I love string cheese and I definitely consider that a healthy snack if you get the low fat/2% kind.

  4. Stopping by from Top 2 Tuesday. I love your blog!

    String Cheese, Polly-O string cheese... is... to die for!! One of m favorite foods for sure!

    If you stop by and decide to follow me, please be sure to let me know in a comment. I always follow blog. I love connecting with other personal bloggers!

    Happy Tuesday! Love, Mommy Kerin

  5. Stopping back by to let you know I'm following you. We are also both in SC!

  6. Oh how i love pretzels... pretzels and beer! ;-)

    Happy Tuesday Darlin'! xo

  7. Mmm, string cheese!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for following! You are my 50th follower! Made me happy! ;) That's so neat/random that you went to the same pizza place in Chicago.... that pizza was definitely WAY too good to be eligible for this "healthy foods" post! ;)

  8. Following you back. Thanks for your comment! I love both of those snacks as well. Can't wait to check out your etsy shop!!

  9. hahah i like jens comment. pretzels and beer!
    i didnt know you blogged about random, non jewelry stuff. thats cool!
    love you, sorry if thats embarrassing

  10. I am a follower! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

    Emma Michaels