Monday, January 31, 2011

New Blog Hop Find!

I stumbled upon a new blog hop today! I love finding these!

This hop is geared towards "meeting" new blog friends by answering a few questions. I've never done one like this so I figured I'd link the button above if you'd like to link up too!

1.  What do you put on your hot dog?
Absolutely nothing! Some people call me crazy, but I am a very picky eater. I'm not too big on condiments. Mostly, I just like things better without them. At the Varsity in Atl, I order a naked dog.

2.  Do you play Sudoku?
Yes, I do! I actually completed one from my school's newspaper about 10 minutes ago!

3.  What is your favorite vegetable?
Not a huge veggie-girl, but I would have to say my favorite is carrots. I don't like cooked carrots though.

4.  Do you color your hair?
I do not color my hair. I get this question a lot actually. I think most of the people in my life would hurt me be sad if I did. You can see more pictures of my hair in my Etsy shop as I model my Frayed Flower Headbands.

Kind of an oldie of the boy and me

5.  What is your favorite brand of clothing?
I don't have a favorite brand, but I like American Eagle jeans. I just enjoy shopping in general. If I had unlimited funds, I would live in JCrew and Banana Republic.

To any new readers, welcome! Browse through my old posts! If you like what you see, follow me...and leave me and comment so I can come check out your blog!

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  1. That picture of you and your boy is adorable! I know I'm biased, but I love the red hair/freckles combo. :)

    And I'm totally with you when it comes to carrots.

  2. I've been a follower for a few days now and I totally hear ya on the (somewhat) naked dog!!! :P Also, your hair is a lovely shade!!! And I'm the opposite with carrots. I like them cooked, can't eat 'em raw. :P

  3. I'm such a picky eater as well, so I feel ya girl. Hey, at least you EAT a hot dog. I try to avoid them at all costs. lol If I have no other option then it must be naked.

    Your hair is very lovely!

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for joining the Meet Me on Monday!

    Those are some great answers!

    I'm now following you and would love it if you follow me back if you haven’t done so already!!

    Hope you have a great day and thanks for participating!! Meet you again next week!


  5. awesome picture! i meant the one with us in it obviously. im proud of you