Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Projects

So many new projects on my plate today.

Yesterday, my studio (archi-torture) went on a site visit to Greenville. We were introduced to our newest project, a mid-rise mixed-use complex at the corner of Main and Broad. Can you get any more American than that corner? After walking around the site, we got permission to go to the unfinished 6th floor of the hotel across the street. It was the perfect place to take this picture. I'll post more as the project develops.

Update on my "Easy A" status...LOVED IT! It was so much funnier than I thought it was going to be. I love Emma Stone's timing and sense of humor. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes quick wit!

Today, I took a shopping trip! I got some new (really cute) fabrics for fabric flower pins and headbands...look for those soon!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR NEW FABRIC!!

I also got in a custom order for 2 large earrings holder frames for 2 sisters. I'll be finishing those this weekend and hopefully posting pictures of the lovely ladies with their new jewelry displays. Contact me with questions about custom frame orders.


  1. Just saw your comment, thanks for following!

    Your jewelry is gorgeous!

  2. I just watched Easy A this past weekend too and loved it! What is not to love about Emma Stone? She is adorable!