Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

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Top 2 Outfits I'm loving for Spring:

1. I love this dress that I found here. My favorite part about warm weather is being able to wear comfortable and cute dresses. I love the colors and bold pattern of this dress! Apparently, it's on sale...but still too pricey for my budget.

2. I also love flowy shirts. I think this one is homemade...so maybe if I get bold I could pull out my sewing machine before spring. Again, I love the colors and pattern. This top would be perfect with denim burmuda shorts or skinny jeans and cute sandals. This shirt, and others like it, can be found here

Now this is getting me too excited for spring! We still have ice on the ground, and I'm afraid it will be a long winter!


  1. Great choices!!!! I love that shirt...especially the pattern! I am a recent Clemson grad (civil engineering)! You know I have to follow a fellow Clemson girl's blog :)

  2. I love the flowy shirt! I can't really pull them off though, with my family itching for me to be a "mom" they'd right away think I'm hiding something. But it's certainly something I'd wear to a private picnic on a warm summer's day.

  3. I wish I knew how to sew, I'd be making ALL of my clothes! I love the dress and shirt though :)

  4. You have me all excited for spring! Only a few more months of snow...I hope =p


  5. That first dress is super cute! I need it to be spring right now...I'm hating the cold weather here in Chicago.

  6. i'm hardcore digging that first dress. let's fast forward to may. cool? cool.

    ps: i also dig the blog :)

  7. Both of those outfits are awesome for spring! My favorite type of outfit for the spring is a sundress with cowboy boots. :)
    I really love your blog by the way! Definently following now!
    Its so cool that you make things and can sew, I wish I could. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth