Monday, February 14, 2011

Featured Item of the Week

So, I still don't have any "Valentine" themed jewelry in my shop, but I am featuring items this month that people "heart" on my Etsy site. This week's item is this lovely filigree pendant necklace, hearted by two.

I love the simplicity of this necklace. The antiqued gold finish makes the pendant seem vintage, even though it is not. This necklace is so versatile and could be worn with any color. I think it would look great with a navy blue top.

I have to keep this Hand Made and Lovely piece hidden from my roommate (who is modeling it above). This past week she told one of our friends about it and made me show it to her. I thought she was being an awesome publicist!! Then, she begged her not to buy it.

Be sure to head on over to my shop and "heart" your favorite items. I have two more "Fan Favorite" featured items for February.

Random thoughts:

I'll be posting on Thursday about the dinner and dessert I made the boy for our Valentine's date.

My giveaway is open through Friday! Winner will be announced Saturday!

I'm really confused about a lot of the Grammy winners. Who is that girl who won best new artist? She must be extremely new. I'm not ashamed to say that I was rooting for Justin Bieber. I would have been happy if Drake won too. I can't believe Lady A took home so many awards!! Love them, but I was surprised! A friend that I've known since before I had hair escorted Lady Gaga down the red carpet. Not one of the weird performers holding her egg, one of the nice guys in suits telling people to move.

Lady Gaga Egg Arrival 2
That's him on the left with the clipboard.

My Valentine and I had heart shaped Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits this morning. It is our third Valentine's together (fourth if you count the awkward "group date" he asked me on freshman year, which I don't).


  1. Ohh I (heart) this necklace too! Very cute :)

  2. Chick-fil-a sounds like the perfect start to Valentine's Day.