Thursday, February 3, 2011

See Where I Blog - Link Up

A fun link-up to show your followers where you blog…You could show pictures of where your normally blog, the weirdest place you’ve blogged, or where you are currently blogging. We all get to see what you blog, so show your readers where you blog!!

Be sure to come back the first Friday each month for a new fun link-up topic!

The rules:
1.  Follow the 2 hostesses (Hand Made and Lovely and A Modern Day Wife’s Journey)
2.  Post a link back to the link-up
3.  Share where you blog!

Now to see where I blog...

This is my extremely messy cozy blogging corner. I obviously love color. I post notes to myself religiously. I feel like we should be playing "I Spy" or "Where's Waldo". Who can spot my Hand Made and Lovely inspiration tag?

I want to see where you blog! Link up!



  1. Done! ^_^ I also love the colors you have in your bloggy corner!

  2. Yay so excited!:-) Came out GREAT!

  3. Love your blog space! The colors are great!

  4. I love your blogging area! The pink shelf is my fav! Thanks for hosting this linkup!

  5. Your blogging area is just adorable! I love all of the color! This is such a cute idea! I don't have a blog space. Sad. I blog on the couch, in the bed, or in my rocking chair.

  6. I just linked you back on my own blog for this post! Thanks for the comment!

    Love the blog and Etsy shop!


  7. Your blogging nook is AWESOME! I love it!

    Happy Friday!

  8. I blog in a desk covered in way to many papers and receipts
    I am a new follower from the blog hop
    I blog at
    I hope you stop by and visit.

  9. OH I don't like that my link is #13... ha! Great link-up, looking forward to future ones : )

  10. what a fun idea!

  11. Thanks for stopping by and following my new blog, Newly Crunchy Mama of 3! I am here to return the favor! :)


  12. new follower from the hop