Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Angela at Lariats and Lavender gave me the Stylish Blogger Award! I'm so excited for my second blog award! Thanks Angela!!

The rules for this award are simple. First, thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. Then share 7 things about yourself. And finally, tag other bloggers and let them know that you've given them an award!

1. I'm minoring in Psychology. I think it's so interesting to learn how people think and why people do what they do. I'm currently in a Health Psych class learning how to help people change their bad habits and adopt healthy ones.

2. I have a cat named Snickers. We have the same color hair, and I got her when I was 10. I love that kitty!

3. I'm currently obsessed with combining teal and orange. Actually, yesterday I wore a teal v-neck t-shirt with my orange Hand Made and Lovely rosette headband. Maybe that color combo will start showing up in some of my new jewelry!

4. I generally wear a size 8 shoe. Sometimes I have to get 7 1/2 in heels or 8 1/2 in tighter-made shoes. I would be embarrassed to tell you the amount of shoes I own, and even more embarrassed at the ratio of shoes I actually wear to those I don't.

5. I text or call my boyfriend everytime I make an Etsy sale, and I keep him up-to-date on my followers and "likes" on Facebook nightly. I just have to share my excitement with someone!!

6. I love reduced fat Cheez-its. My mom started buying those vs. the regular ones years ago, and now I'm hooked. I like them so much better than the regular Cheez-its!!

7. I want to visit all 50 states before I die. Currently, I have been to 23. 

I'm tagging all my stylish followers!!


  1. Interesting facts about yourself. I love reduced fat Cheez-its, wear size 8 shoe, and tell my husband when we get a new follower too! I actually just put the Cheez-its box away. I love them with a diet dr. pepper. :) Yum!

  2. Haha I tell more boyfriend my follower number every day too...sometimes if it's a really good day I'll do it two or three! :)

  3. Congrats on your award!! Well-deserved. :)

    Also, reduced fat Cheez-Its are amazingly delicious - I think they're even better than the original! Why isn't all reduced fat food like that?

  4. Yay for your award! I also have the same problem with shoes :-)

  5. Trying to find shoes in my size - 10 or 11 - is HARD!!! I wish I had a smaller shoe size! You're lucky. :P

    Also, teal and orange sound GORGEOUS together! You need to post a wardrobe picture. ^_^

    Glad you liked the award!

  6. Hey Bracey! I received my headband and have gotten many compliments. I'll post a pic of me wearing it this week and link up. Thanks! I love it.

  7. I'm loving teal and orange too, so cute together! Congrats on your award : )

  8. Teal and orange are adorable. And one of the states I'd really like to visit is Alaska, but I too want to see them all!