Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make your own vintage inspired jewelry...with my help

This is mainly for my local readers, but I encourage everyone to attend. I saw an art gallery in Greenville, SC had a series of classes where people would bring in their own vintage jewelry and learn how to make something new. I thought this was the greatest idea!

I generally use a lot of vintage finds whether it an old earring, a jeweled brooch, or grandma's buttons. Everything can be re-purposed! This is great way to use and enjoy grandmas huge clip-on earrings or to make something wearable out of that beautiful brooch you bought at a flea market last month. I even incorporate old beads.

Here are the details of the class:

I'm planning on having this postcard at the September Market Day sale to pass out to interested customers. Space in each session is limited, so email me today to hold your spot! Spread the word to anyone in the Newnan area that may be interested!

At each session, I'll be showing tons of examples and doing a demo of my design process. I'll be there to help as much or as little as each person needs! I'm looking forward to September!


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