Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saving Up

Some of you might remember my old iPhone meter...well now I've got a new item I'm saving up for...

Ash Canvas Toms!! Do any of you have Toms? Help me with sizing! I've been seeing online that you should buy them a 1/2 size smaller than your regular shoe size because they tend to stretch. Is that true? I'm worried about getting the wrong size.

I'm already 80% of the way the my goal! Check out all the new items I've posted in my Etsy shop to help me out. I think one sale would put me over into Tom Heaven!!


  1. I have TOMS and they are ahhhmazing!! You are going to love them!! Mine are a size 8 which is the size shoe that I wear and they feel right to me, but they do stretch out a little!

  2. I LOVE my Toms...I really want the black sequin ones next. My TOMS are size 7, which I normally wear a 6 1/2 or a 7. Abba Dabba's in Little Five Points sells TOMS, so if you're close to that area one day0you should go try some on!

  3. I have that pair in green and they are super comfortable and do stretch a little bit (though I've had good luck with washing and drying them to re-shape them). Definitely go for it - you won't be able to wear anything else!

  4. I don't have a pair but really want one. I know Nordstrom carries TOMS so you should look on their website and search to see if they have them in stock near you to try on.