Friday, March 4, 2011

See Where I Cook - Link Up

It's the first Friday of March!! Lauren and I are hosting another link up. This time we want to see where you cook!

A fun link-up to show your followers where you cook…You can show pictures of your kitchen or dining area! We want to see where you cook & share a favorite recipe if you want! 

The rules:
1.  Follow the 2 hostesses (Hand Made and Lovely and A Modern Day Wife’s Journey)
2.  Post a link back to the link-up
3.  Share where you cook and a favorite recipe (if desired)

So, this is where I cook:

It's just a small apartment kitchen, but it's the perfect size for us 3 girls.

I love our fridge! We have roomie pics, coupons, fun magnets, and little notes displayed.

My pink Kitchen Aid is by far my favorite appliance. I got it from Santa two years ago, and it was the best surprise ever! I totally wasn't expecting it! My favorite thing to make in my mixer is chocolate chip cookies! I use the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips, but I always double the vanilla! That's a trick my mom taught me, and it always makes my cookies taste better!

Now, link up and show us where you cook!



  1. Yay!!! I love it! I posted my KitchenAid mixer too of course ;-)

  2. Great idea! Love your mixer, too! I will have to clean my kitchen today and take a photo! : ) Ha!

  3. adore the pink mixer...following from DIC's linky. would love for you to link up to my fridays unfolded @


    stuff and nonsense

  4. cute pink mixer. I can say I've never actually measured vanilla. My grandma always said you couldn't have to much and I've always just eyeballed it... LOL

  5. Hello,
    Following you from Boost My Blog! Please stop by and say hi...and follow me too :)
    Thanks and have a great day!

  6. I love your pink mixer! I have a silver one...I wish I had gotten pink!!

  7. I loooove your pink mixer!!! Your kitchen is cute!

  8. Hi! Following!
    Found you from Mackey Madness. :)

    I'm a little excited about getting to share my pretty, new kitchen. :)

    I have to crack-up at your fridge, though...I'm a "keep it clean" kind of girl. Of course...being stainless, it's easy to do that...'cuz nothing sticks! I admit I have a few things on the side. ;)

    Can't wait to read more of your blog. I see we're two creative girls at heart.

  9. a reply from Nicole...the link is closed? Bummer!

    Posted about you two, anyway :)
    Here's the link: