Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

First, you should read all about Part 1.

Part 2 started when I hopped on a plane down to Fort Lauderdale. I stayed with 7 friends in a condo on the beach in Hollywood, FL. We had the absolute perfect weather! The beach was beautiful and the water was so clear! I'll share a few pics from our trip.

We went down to Miami for the day. Being architecture majors, we had to check out the deco style. Being girls, we had to check out DASH Miami! Unfortunately, I didn't have $80 to spend on a t-shirt or $600 to spend on a maxi-dress (although it was really cute!). Maybe the Kardashian sisters secretly read my blog and they'll send me a gift card or something...

These two pics are of a parking garage covered by green walls. That's probably the best way to hide such a massive eyesore!

Is this not the coolest Gap store ever??

It was so good to get away for a week and relax without having any school work to think about. The only thing I had to worry about was putting on my sunscreen...and I think I did a pretty darn good job!


  1. Glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods! ;) The design district is a great photo op area. Notice all the um..."different" people there?

    Gotta love Miami.

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. That picture of you inside that ring is so cute! Sounds like you had a fun time!

  3. Love the pictures - especially the one of the giant ring, that's too cute!

    And wow, that does not look like a Gap, haha.

    Yay for spring break trips!

  4. So glad you had such a fabulous Spring Break in FL! I was just there for work last week, ahhhhh the sunshine was heavenly!

    That massive ring is adorable, talk about mega bling! I would have loved to have popped into that cute Gap store too, hardly looks like my Gap at all! :)

    Hope you're having a great week so far! xo